Administration Dean's Office

Strategic Planning Leadership Retreat
Carmel Valley Ranch
January 26-28, 2006

The Stanford School of Medicine Strategic Vision:
Where We Have Been, Where We Are Going
and How We Will Get There?

Guest speakers | Agenda & Presentations

Guest speakers

John Edward Porter

John Edward Porter
Partner, Hogan & Hartson, Washington D.C

John Porter concentrates his practice on policy, strategy, and advocacy for clients primarily, but not exclusively, in the fields of health and education. He served 21 years as U.S. Congressman from the 10th district in Illinois, where he served on the Appropriations Committee, and as chair of the Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education. More more

Victor R. Fuchs

Victor R. Fuchs
Henry J. Kaiser Jr. Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

Professor Fuchs applies economic analysis to social problems of national concern, with special emphasis on health and medical care. He was Professor of Economics in the Economics Department and the School of Medicine's Department of Health Research and Policy from 1974 to 1995. His published work covers a wide spectrum of subjects ranging from health and medical care to issues of aging, gender, and children. He is author of nine books, the editor of six others, and has published over a hundred articles. More more


1:00 pm Welcome and Orientation to Program Philip Pizzo
  Delivering On The Mission  Text Outline
1:15 pm Introduction Philip Pizzo
1:45 pm Panel Discussion
  • Medical Education
  • Graduate Education
  • Postdoctoral Training
  • Research
  • Patient Care
John Boothroyd,
Kenneth Cox
Harry Greenberg,
Daria Mochly-Rosen,
Julie Parsonnet and
Norman Rizk
3:00 pm Break  
  Supporting The Mission  Text Outline
3:15 pm Introduction Philip Pizzo
3:45 pm Panel Discussion
  • Faculty Affairs
  • Diversity and Leadership
  • IRT
  • Finance & Administration
  • Communication & Advocacy
  • Public Policy
Ryan Adesnik,
Marcia Cohen,
Paul Costello,
Henry Lowe,
Hannah Valantine and
David Stevenson
5:00 pm Summary Philip Pizzo
5:30 pm Break/Reception  
7:30 pm Dinner and Speaker
"Science in the White House and on the Hill — 2006"
The Honorable John Edward Porter
  Translational Education
8:00 am Introduction Philip Pizzo
8:10 am Ben Barres
  Greg Barsh
  Sam Gambhir
9:40 am Break  
  Translational Medicine
9:50 am Introduction Philip Pizzo
10:00 am Beverly Mitchell and
Steve Leibel
  Irving Weissman and
Michael Longaker
  William Mobley and
Gary Steinberg


1:00 pm Robert Robbins and
Tom Quertermous
  Mark Davis and
Carlos Esquivel
  Scott Delp and
Paul Yock
3:00 pm Break  
  Funding Our Future:
Stanford Integrated Development Programs

 Presentation (Flash)
 Presentation (PDF)
3:30 pm Introductions Philip Pizzo and
Doug Stewart
3:40 pm
  • The University Campaign
Martin Shell
  • SUMC in the University Campaign
Doug Stewart,
Barbara Clemons and Linda Collier
  • Dear Abby: Myths, Fears and Misconceptions About Development
Paul Berg,
Barbara Clemons,
Linda Collier,
John Freidenrich,
Robert Jackler,
Martin Shell,
David Stevenson
Irving Weissman
5:45 pm Break  
7:00 pm Dinner and Speaker
The Future of Healthcare and The Academic Medical Center
Victor Fuchs
7:00 am Breakfast  
8:00 am Orientation to Saturday Program Philip Pizzo
  Stanford Medical Development Academy (Introduction)
 Text Summary
8:15 am
  • Thinking About Development
Doug Stewart
9:00 am
  • The Cycle of Successful Development
Doug Stewart
9:45 am Break  
10:00 am
  • Development Scenarios
11:00 am Wrap-up Philip Pizzo

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